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Freelance Video and Podcast Editing

I have a degree in film from Pace University and have been editing videos for the past 10 years. After making videos mostly for my own businesses and a few small clients and friends, I have decided to start taking on more consistent work in the influencer space. Below I have listed a few examples of my work from vlogs to music videos to podcasts and more. I have hundreds of other videos, so if you would like any more specific examples please feel free to ask. I use Adobe Premiere Pro, and I have experience with editing work for remote clients. I pride myself on being very meticulous when it comes to audio levels, video quality, timing, etc!


A little more about me: I am currently working on production for the Disney film Hocus Pocus 2, I have an identical twin, and I'm an equestrian!


My contact info:



Video Examples:

Music video:

Behind the scenes video: 

Short film: 



Podcast Examples:

Twin Talk: 

Carrie with an E: 


If you have videos or podcasts that need editing, please reach out for a quote! I would be happy to work on a video-to-video basis or a more structured schedule of your choosing. I hope we can work together soon!

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